Why book with Closer to the Magic Vacations?

  • It's FREE!
  • Receive personalized service...We LOVE talking Disney!
  • We can help you pick the best resort for your party
  • We can make recommendations and reservations for the best restaurants on Disney property...and beyond!
  • We create customized, detailed touring plans for your party
  • We provide a service called price monitoring.  We monitor daily to make sure you have the best deal for your travel dates. We will apply new savings if/when they are available!
  • We give GREAT booking gifts as a thank you to our clients!
  • We help out with cost savings tips to get the most out of your Disney vacation!

Already Booked Directly with Disney?

Even if you already have a Disney confirmation number, you can transfer your reservation to us. We would then be able to offer you ALL of the benefits of booking with us, including checking for any current discounts! Email us at vacations@closertothemagic.com for information on how to transfer your reservation. Don’t worry… everything remains the same on your reservation. You are simply authorizing us to help you!

Please note that we will not transfer a reservation that was booked with another travel agency.



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