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Pest Control

We provide complete residential and commercial pest control solutions — including termite services —along with the most up-to-the-minute environmentally conscious solutions available.

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Mosquito Control

With years of experience in outdoor pest control service, Carroll Exterminating features a variety of services perfect for transforming your yard into an enjoyable mosquito-controlled place for you and your family.

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Wildlife Control

Our highly experienced professionals are trained on how to safely deal with and eradicate a wide variety of animals and insects that may be present in your home and yard.

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Termite Control

From traditional soil treatments using liquid termiticide and exterior monitoring for subterranean termites. Carroll Exterminating has the right solution for your termite problem.

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Bedbug Control Treatment

From start to finish of your service, what you’ll discover whenever you call Carroll Exterminating to handle your bed bug infestation is the sheer force of attention to every detail that we’ll bring in order to solve your problem.

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K-9 Bedbug Inspection

K9 inspections outperform human inspections. In field research performed by the University of Florida, the NESDCA-certified canines tested averaged a 98% accuracy rate* in detecting the odor presence of live bed bugs and viable eggs.

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Eco-friendly means keeping you AND the environment in first!

Our methods include monitoring for pests by inspecting sites; eliminating structural conditions that encourage pests; and encouraging good sanitation, keeping your home and properties not only pest free but least-toxic and healthy.

pest control

  • residential
  • commercial
  • environmentally safe
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mosquito control

  • responsive
  • effective
  • quick relief
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termite control

  • liquid termiticide 
  • exterior monitoring
  • whole house inspection
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wildlife control

  • safe
  • humane
  • professional
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